Days of Self Service | Heavenletters

Days of Self Service | Heavenletters

Beloved, you mean everything to Me. You are My Beloved. You are My Joy every day of the week and year and for all the years to come – forever and forever. This is Eternity. You are My Beloved Always and Forever. You are My Happiness. It is for you that I, God, am forever. You are My tie to Earth. You are My Total Joy, hither and yon. You are My Heart’s Desire. Don’t you know My abiding love for you?

You may not take this as the God’s Honest Truth because there may be times when you do not feel well-served. You may have a sore toe or a sore heart, and you are not well-pleased with all the delight you see heralded in Me when you are yet left wanting.

You may make conditions. You may feel unloved because you believe that if I loved you, I would jump to My-Lou to change a bit of your life here and there as I deliver life to you.

If you only knew, you would experience life to its fullest with roses in your cheeks and gratitude for life at the tip of your toe to the top of your heart. Gratitude would steer you forward and no longer longing for what you feel you may be being denied.

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