retiring on a cruise ship rather than in a retirement village makes sense

Waikanae Watch


Living on a cruise ship provides a better quality of life and is cost effective for elderly people who need help to live independently, according to a study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society.

Cruise ships have better health facilities than most care homes for elderly people, food is far better, and there’s constant entertainment — shows, games, cinema and classes. There are plenty of facilities like lounges, pools and bars. And of course there’s constant variety of tours in a succession of different exotic ports.

As we have commented in earlier articles, retirement villages of the “licence to occupy” type are hideously expensive.  There are three of them in Waikanae.  The one next to us, the Parkwood business, according to its website, as well as requiring renters to pay them a bond equal to the current value of the house, wants a $35,000 non-refunded “refurbishment”…

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