Medical Doctor Calls Out Mainstream Media for Reporting Fake Numbers of Flu Deaths in Order to Sell More Flu Vaccines

Medical Doctor Calls Out Mainstream Media for Reporting Fake Numbers of Flu Deaths in Order to Sell More Flu Vaccines

Over the last 38 years, neither twelve nor fifty-six thousand deaths from influenza infections occurred.  In fact, the deaths from influenza are not even close to those numbers.

Why would the mainstream media and the Powers-That-Be continually lie about the numbers of people that die from the flu?

It is not hard to understand why—they want to scare the public in order to increase the number of people vaccinated with the flu vaccine.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention keeps annual death statistics.  When searching through that data, it is easy to find the first Table (Table B) which lists the number of deaths from the top fifteen causes of death  ( -page 6).

In fact, every year that the CDC reports the final data for deaths, the CDC combines influenza and pneumonia together as one of the top 15 causes of death.   No other separate illnesses are combined, so why combine pneumonia and influenza which are two separate illnesses?

The answer is easy: the CDC artificially inflates the numbers of deaths from influenza to scare us into getting the flu shot.  You see, if a very small percentage of Americans died yearly from the flu vaccine, why would so many of want to get vaccinated for influenza?

The CDC has a direct financial interest in vaccinating the entire population since it holds multiple patents on vaccines including the flu vaccine.

In order to frighten the public to get the flu vaccine, the CDC’s scare tactics include annual statements that the flu kills 36,000 Americans per year.

Last year, they said the flu killed 80,000.  More fake news!

What the CDC fails to state is that there has never been a year when 36,000 Americans died from laboratory-confirmed influenza.

Looking at the flu death statistics from 1980- 2016 (the last year data is available) shows that a yearly average of 1,647 people died from the flu with a high of 5,251 in 2015 and a low of 257 in 2001.

Keep in mind that is out of a population of 325 million people.

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10 thoughts on “Medical Doctor Calls Out Mainstream Media for Reporting Fake Numbers of Flu Deaths in Order to Sell More Flu Vaccines”

  1. U r wrong. Too bad for u dude. U had ur vaccines. I was a provider for35 years. Did a project hope tour. Have seen diphtheria outbreaks. Have seen dengue fever. Have seen young girls w cervical cancer from hpv. Have seen multitudes with hepatitis b even children. Have seen kids left deaf or paralyzed even blind from meningitis. You have been in hospitals. U expect doctors and nurses there to not be able to get vaccinated for hepatitis b? U will not publish this but u look deeper dude. Ask your conscience


  2. The assumption is that there is no other solution besides vaccines, so a person leaves themselves open to all of the horrors you outline. This is a wrong assumption, but that is only discovered by exploring what alternatives there are to vaccines.

    AGR encourages you to explore and research the natural modalities that work against viruses, bacterial and fungul infections. They exist and there are realistic free or very low cost alternatives to vaccines. But then the vaccine industry would not have a monopoly and would not make the HUGE profits via doctors, hospitals and clinics that do not allow anything other than the monopolistic medical industrial complex inside.

    When your only tool is a sledge hammer, of course you will scream bloody murder if someone uses another tool.. but what if those tools actually work better, cheaper, faster, and with less damage or no damage at all?


  3. This seems like another propaganda outlet. What is the alternative to hepatitis b? A liver transplant with a lifetime of antirejection drugs . this website is probably not even real. Dishonest nonsense. As if the medical system is not badly broken enough broken. How many people’s lives have u ever saved through medical interventions?
    Getting rid of all vaccinations might make a dent in overpopulation but I doubt it.
    Radioactive pollution is causing epidemic cancer autism birth defects and so many other things but, u perseverate on vaccinces. Sounds like u have ulterior motives


  4. Just curious… have you ever researched natural anti viral, anti bacterial, anti fungal modalities? It does not sound like you know anything about this subject.. An open mind is required to go there though. I could provide links, but you have indicated zero interest.. Aren’t you the least bit curious?


  5. I am a member of the orthomolecular medicine society . I believe in and practice as much natural, preventative medicine as possible.

    I believe in looking at all possible viable treatments for cancers, life threatening , bacterial, viral infection .

    You have never been responsible for keeping child AIDs patients, message hepatitis patients or child diphtheria patients, dengue fever patients, Ebola victims, children on ventilators, children with advanced cancer, parents of small children with advanced cancer.MRSA patients whose extremities are rotting off, people who would die horrible sadistic deaths without antidotes or rabies vaccines
    Aids patients and immunecompromised with fungal infections in their brains
    People whose extremities are rotting off from gangrene. People with untreated gunshot wounds whose guts are full of sepsis. I have saved thousands of lives. Someone and some hospitals have saved your life with medical interventions in your time. Many others have died How can u be such a silly hippocrit with such nonsense. Please be honest. No more disingenuous misleading nonsense.
    Antibiotics are misused. A great deal of disease is related to corporate environmental poisoning but what of that victims that are acutely ill and dying? How can u be so cavalier and uncaring with the meaningless responses u give


  6. Great. Many medical professionals don’t want to look at any other viable methods of addressing dis-eases. But you still have not asked any questions; just attacks and assumptions. Where is your curiosity? When did you lose it?


  7. I look at all viable options. I have seen people and children die, who should have been kept alive.

    Dis-eases are one thing. It is why being balanced is important. We are delicate creatures bound to this world and its environment, for our survival.

    Acute trauma and mortality are another thing. Don’t knock people who have a passion to help others fight for life, especially if u have done it yourself or are a survivor. I do not understand the disconnect with some people. It seems pathological. I am not talking about vaccinations.

    I have gotten people out of jail, to get them treatment and, almost lost jobs over it. Is there something wrong with that?

    I have used naturopathic treatments and herbs before in desperate situations.
    Done everything beyond the antibiotics that were not working for a MRSA survivor. A MRSA survivor, that lost her leg. Is there something wrong with that?
    Shining a uv light on what was left of the infected, seeping, bloody, disintegrating leg would not help. That is a fantasy and criminal conjob perpetrated by a sociopath.

    Similar to what some Jehovah’s witnesses do, who might refuse a blood transfusion for a dying children of theirs.


  8. Still no question, and lots of accusations. Do you want to know anything more than you do now? Are you open minded or closed? Set a positive goal and ask a question. The universe will respond to whatever you put out. Right now the energy being put out is negative, closed and hostile. You get back what you put out. That is a universal law that maybe no one taught you.. Sending you light and love… fear and hatred are not the solutions, as they keep a person trapped inside a tiny little box.


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