Air conditioners make a massive contribution to global warming (Why not promote SOLAR air-conditioning?)


Why does this article not mention that solar-powered air conditioners are the most successful way to overcome this problem ?

Treaty on HFCs aims to curb global warming from greenhouse gases in air conditioning, refrigeration, ABC Weather By Ben Deacon In many parts of Australia, air conditioners have gone from being a luxury to what many consider a necessity.

It’s a trend that’s being echoed around the world as billions of people in hot counties lift themselves out of poverty.

But the explosion in demand for the energy-intensive appliance is alarming climate change experts, who say we’re heating the world up by cooling it down.

Victoria MacLean, who runs the Bureau of Meteorology’s weather station in Alice Springs, said the start of 2019 was unbearable, even by local standards.

“We had 11 days in a row recently of 40-degree-plus days. We had a 45.6 day. In fact we…

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