US’ Policy of Interventionism in Latin America Hits Venezuela

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Marwa Osman

For those of us who grew up in the Middle East, learning about American hypocritical history to “extend rights” to more people, it is not shocking to know that America has sponsored coups in many countries that did the exact opposite. Some of which happened in Central America, where communists leaders threatened to push the US away in favor of a closer relationship with the Soviet Union since the US had not had the best reputation in those countries.

After all, it was American business men who had financed the so-called “banana republics” which are dictatorships set up to streamline the production of certain tropical agricultural products. These governments have kept wealth put of the hands of the masses, while communists in that part of the world were offering a bright future to the people.

However, a fair amount was also geopolitics. The US for more than a…

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