US Engaging Undeclared War on Venezuela – Stephen Lendman

US Engaging Undeclared War on Venezuela – Stephen Lendman

Russia’s president “told me that we would strengthen cooperation in the economy, trade, oil, gas, military affairs, in all areas,” including by providing Venezuela with “the most modern weapons in the world” – solely for defense, never for use against other nations or the Venezuelan people the way the US and its imperial partners operate.

Addressing Guaido’s complicity with the Trump regime, he said “(t)his is the constitutional issue of Venezuelan justice. As the head of state, I believe that it was the promotion of a coup d’etat, a violation of the Constitution.”

“But this is only the opinion of the head of state. The prosecutor general will have to act, and he has already begun to act, the Supreme Court will have to act — and it is already acting. And what the prosecutor’s office and the courts decide will be executed in the Venezuelan legal system.”

So far, an order to arrest and detain Guaido hasn’t been issued. “Let’s not rush. We will wait,” Maduro explained.

His actions flagrantly violated “the norms of international law…This is what we are going to demonstrate.”

Praising Venezuelan security forces charged with protecting him, he stressed that “there’s no doubt that Donald Trump had ordered to kill me. He told the Colombian government and the Colombian mafia to kill me.”

Since the CIA’s establishment in 1947, it’s operated as a secret unaccountable army of the state, prioritizing unlawful covert actions.

They include overthrowing democratically elected governments, assassinating heads of state and key officials, propping up friendly despots, kidnapping targeted individuals, disappearing them in torture prisons, and using an array of other state terror tactics.

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Fascism is rising, under the pretense of exporting freedom plus democracy.