“They Were Planning On Stealing The Election”: Explosive New Tapes Reveal Cambridge Analytica CEO’s Boasts Of Voter Suppression, Manipulation And Bribery

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Before reading the recent article below, it is worth (re) reading this excerpt from the “Written Statement to the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary in the Matter of Cambridge Analytica and other related issues” by Christopher Wylie 16 May 2018 “The Russian-American researcher Dr Aleksandr Kogan was selected to lead the data harvesting operation, as he offered the use of Facebook apps which he had developed in his academic role to collect personal data about Facebook users and their friends…. At the time, Dr Kogan was also working on Russian state-funded research projects. He was based at times in St Petersburg and also would fly to Moscow. The Russian team at St Petersburg was also building similar algorithms using Facebook data for psychological profiling. The Russian project had a particular focus on the “dark triad” traits of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy. The Russian project also conducted…

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