Oyster Evidence Affirm Sea Levels Were Up To 3.8 Meters Higher Than Today 6000 Years Ago

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A new paper provides further confirmation that modern day sea levels are still multiple meters lower than they were just a few thousand years ago, when the Earth was 4-6°C warmer than it is today

Oyster remains have been found encrusted in rock 2.5 to 3.8 meters above today’s mean sea level. 

This fossilized evidence dates to ~6000 years ago, when CO2 levels hovered around 270 ppm.  

Image(s) Source: Oliver and Terry, 2019

The evidence provided by Oliver and Terry (2019) will be added the to growing list of more than 80 scientific papers indicating sea levels from locations throughout the world were meters higher than they are today just a few thousand years ago.

80+ Papers: Mid-Holocene Sea Levels

Were Multiple Meters Higher Than Today

Oliver and Terry, 2019

Relative sea-level highstands in Thailand since the

Mid-Holocene based on 14C rock oyster chronology

• “~6000 cal…

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