Trump AG Pick Barr’s Troubling Record: Recommended Iran-Contra Pardons; Blocked BCCI Indictment; Refused To Appoint Special Counsel For Iraqgate; Shared Memo On Obstruction With Trump Lawyers

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Mr. Barr’s record presents a troubling parallel for the situation presented in the Mueller investigation. As Attorney General in the George H.W. Bush Administration, Mr. Barr recommended that President Bush pardon six people indicted by Iran-Contra Independent Counsel Lawrence Walsh, including high-ranking officials who were accused of perjury and withholding evidence. This country does not need political interference with law enforcement again today“. (US Senator Hirono, Dec. 7, 2018)

Not only did he recommend Bush pardons for people indicted in the Iran-Contra investigation, he apparently blocked Mueller in part of the BCCI investigation:
Mr. Mueller indicated to Mr. Rivera and to me as well that they would prefer that our indictment — that we work aggressively on it as much as possible… I received a phone call a little bit before noon on August 22 from Denis Saylor who indicated to me that I was directed not…

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