CDC Warns Of Blackface Epidemic Outbreak In Virginia | Andrew Hall

CDC Warns Of Blackface Outbreak In Virginia | Andrew Hall

Atlanta, Georgia – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced there is an outbreak of blackface in the state of Virginia. Two prominent state politicians have already fallen to the condition that makes white people express the inherent racism baked into the culture of the United States of America.

Doctor Andrew Canard is heading the CDC task force in charge of managing and eradicating blackface. “You may as well have us try to stop the Sun from rising,” he mused. “Believe me, if there were a vaccine for blackface, then it would already be in the water supply.”

Scientists refuse to identify the recent events in Virginia to be a new rash of blackface. “Blackface never leaves the body politic,” Doctor Canard said. “We can only say there are periods of time when blackface is in remission.”

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