Unraveling the QAnon Hoax – Karma Yoga Daily

Unraveling the QAnon Hoax – Karma Yoga Daily

The QAnon phenomenon appears to be over for now. Q may throw out more posts but the cat is out of the bag. So what lessons can be learned from it? QAnon was a distraction and a puzzle that kept people entertained and engaged in digging for clues or solving mysteries of no importance while real injustices deserving of attention were ignored. As Whitney Webb wrote, “trust the plan” was just the sequel to “hope and change” to suck us into a hope-rollercoaster that goes nowhere. How can Trump really be fighting the “Deep State” (Shadow Government/NWO) when the NWO is nonpartisan? How can Trump be fighting the Deep State or “draining the swamp” when he has surrounded himself with swamp-dwellers and swamp-critters, such as Goldman Sachs and Rothschild-affiliated agents, Zionists and generals?

The QAnon phenomenon has shown that many people still lack the discernment to be able to separate truth, hoax, psy-op and other forms of disinfo from each other. It’s difficult because truth is never just served up on a silver platter and there are times when you have to follow your intuition in the absence of hard evidence. Swinging to one extreme and demanding hard, material proof for everything will limit your perspective, as will swinging to the other extreme by believing any fairy tale that comes along.

Hopefully this will act us a wake-up call to those who fell for it. Ultimately, the truth is out there and I believe we all the capacity to resonate with it and see through the lies … but it requires hard work, wide reading, critical thought, measuring different perspectives in your mind and an ability to see general patterns amidst all the detail.

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  1. One thing is certain. The things that continued to stand behind Qanon hoax and still do are operatives, Deep State agents and Psyops. Whether bots or human or groups of operatives posing as one entity they were always agents. Like what was left on enenews in the end


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