A Spiritual Journal

February 17, 2019

Relax into the Reality of the Present, your Self, which encompasses everything you’re experiencing, have experienced or will experience. It’s all your own motion, the Way of your eternal Being, your Mind. The Truth is that there is no Other

All of your thoughts and perceptions are composed of the single Substance, Mind itself, what Is.  All motion, all Awareness, is You.  Honor your flow, including every part, without exception. It is all Truth, your Self.  All of life’s rich music and dance is You. When You are open to it, you are also Love.

Who is doing all of this? You, always You. You are free to move in whatever direction You will, either toward the Truth, or toward further illusion, according to the flow of your nature. You are infinite Being, the Divine. Know your Self.

To know the Whole requires attention to your formless Presence, which contains all the separate forms you are aware of.  Your Presence is the One, the Whole, whose motion appears as the divided images we have of the world, and is their Substance. When your present Awareness contains not only forms, but the formless Host of form, divisions disappear, and the parade of form becomes the single flow of your Self.  Focusing on Presence requires that we relax our strong attachment to form, and be open to the broader dimensions of the Self.

It is clear that we are more than forms. Awareness, what we observe forms with, is plainly formless itself, empty of objects. As the formless Subject, are the objects I observe entities separate from my Self?  Or, as science teaches us, are they merely partial images of the single flow of energy from the beginning of time?

The nature of motion is to alternate between illusion and Truth. Do you wish to be in motion?  The adventure of motion will bring you surprise and variety, pain and pleasure, ignorance and knowledge, and also the ultimate need for return to the perfect Wholeness of the Self.

February 19, 2019

The key to Freedom is Formlessness, which is Perfection and Truth. The Truth is you are formless, free, perfect. The key to knowing the Truth and experiencing your Freedom is the nature of the Knower, the formless Self, pure Intelligence, Mind, whose natural flow creates the illusion of separation from the rest of Being. Know the nature of the Knower, and you will know the Truth of your Freedom, and know your Self as the Unlimited.

February 20, 2019

One thing you can depend on in this changing world is that help is always Here. No matter how fractured the present seems to be, if you go deep enough into your Presence, peace and repair are Here.

February 21, 2019

We are the jewel of infinite aspect.  We are single, eternal, yet capable of unlimited variety. The Self, your Self, is a wonderful Being.

There are no boundaries to Being other than what we imagine. We are infinite space, Mind, in which the motion of our imagination creates images so compelling that we forget the Truth of our freedom as the Unbounded.

Daniel Clark

The Unitive Self/A Spiritual Journal