What’s the Hurry? | Heavenletters

What’s the Hurry? | Heavenletters

Remind yourself that I have told you there is no time. Speed isn’t everything. Speed isn’t the wonderful thing you have thought. The fact is that you are not running a race. Life isn’t really something you are trying to accomplish. You are fabricating your own report card. Confess. If you don’t like your report card, write yourself a better one.

Enjoy your walk along the way. Speed is overrated. When did I ever say you are to rush to the finish-line. When did I ever say that there is a royal limit to life in your perspective?

I do say: Enjoy the walk you take. In case you are someone who races, know it’s okay to amble. Stroll. Wander. Whatever is, it’s fine. Your life isn’t a mock-up. Your life doesn’t have to be in living technicolor. You’re going to graduate in any case. What exactly is the hurry? Hurry could be a speed-trap. It’s OK for you to take your time. Sit back.

Are you looking to make a speed record, like being the fastest gun in the west? Heavens, no!

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