There were early warnings about long-term effects of emf radiation – diagnosis funk

There were early warnings about long-term effects of EMF radiation – diagnosis funk

And the German government had even proactively in the 90 years, a research evaluation of possible long-term health effects in order. The result was clear: long-term damage from radiation exposure has been scientifically proven. However, the report prepared by Prof. Karl Hecht (Charité) was not allowed to be published. It is available today as a brochure of the Competence Initiative. The Federal Government also presented the results of military research from the GDR and the Soviet Union and the controversial debate in the USA, in which the potential danger is analyzed and confirmed.

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The EMF-Portal, reference database of the WHO and the German Federal Government, lists the number of 20,551 studies in the field of low and high frequency as of the key date 16.01.2015, of which 1117 are from the area of ​​mobile communications. In the diagnostic internal radio-evaluation, about 650 studies show biological effects. Of these studies, diagnostic radio has so far classed 107 studies as hazardous to health, all of which meet the highest scientific criteria. Diagnose-Funk issues current study research and study reports. The reviews and ratings are made for diagnostic radio by scientists. The information can be found at:

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