More than 200 weather records broken during Australia’s ‘angriest summer’, – The Straits Times #Auspol #NSWpol #Qldpol #StopAdani #ClimateChange #ClimateStrike #ExtinctionRebellion #TheDrum


SINGAPORE – More than 200 records were broken around Australia during its hottest summer on record, a study released on Thursday (March 7) said.. Read more at

The three-month summer in 2018-2019, which officially finished at the end of last month, roasted much of the country in a series of crippling heatwaves that triggered blackouts, fuelled conditions ripe for huge bush fires and worsened an already severe drought in the eastern half of the nation.

Temperaturessoared to as high as a record 49.5 deg C in Port Augustain South Australia on Jan 24 and 46.6 deg C the same day in Adelaide, said the Climate Council report titled The Angriest Summer.

During successive heatwaves over the summer, scores of people were treated for heat-related illnesses, particularly the elderly and the young. Many businesses were affected, as temperature extremes made work during the day hazardous to health.


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