VOODOO ECONOMICS: Fake Money’s Face Value Deceit – By MN Gordon


Source – economicprism.com

“…Stealing someone else’s property and then reducing the spoils valued at $33,000 to a payout of about $30 is a remarkable achievement. Mele’s Coin Star transaction delivered a loss of over 99.9 percent. But he’s not alone…The Federal Reserve, in concert with the U.S. Treasury, has been part of an extensive currency debasement program for over a century”

Fake Money’s Face Value Deceit – By MN Gordon

Shane Anthony Mele stumbled off the straight and narrow path many years ago. One bad decision here. Another there. And he was neck deep in the smelly stuff.
These missteps compounded over the years and also magnified his natural shortcomings. Namely, that he’s a thief and – to be polite – a moron. Recently the confluence of these two failings came together like a sewage spill to a river draining through the center of town.
Mele made a dishonest…

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