Something Terribly Wrong with Western Medicine |

Something Terribly Wrong with Western Medicine |

Chris Martenson describes the world of medicine as much as it does in finance, economics and politics. “Our lives are now fraught with easily-disproved fantasies, frauds and fictions being pushed to us through the media by institutions with deliberate agendas trying to engineer specific outcomes. Those of us with a pragmatic mindset and an ability to recall (even quite recent) history, often find ourselves with mouths literally agape at the obvious deceptions being foisted upon what appears to be a terminally-gullible public.”

Teodrose Fikre wrote, “There has always been a heavy cost borne by those who insist on speaking truths. People who defied conventional wisdom and stood up to the orthodoxy of the establishment have been labeled heretics, marginalized and brutally repressed throughout human history. However, in the age of information where the ruling elites fear bad press, draconian tactics that were used in the past to silence dissenters have evolved and taken on more subtle forms of intimidation.” To anyone practicing alternative medicine the fasicism of modern medicine is anything but subtle.

Most people recognize that something is terribly wrong with the world of medicine where the ignorance and wrong recommendations lead to cancer and totally barbaric treatments for it. People drop like flies from medical treatments and no cure or clear causes of chronic disease and cancer have been discovered so the suffering and dying goes on.

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