DTaP Vaccine Causes Brain Damage in Ten Month Old After 12 Hours

DTaP Vaccine Causes Brain Damage in Ten Month Old After 12 Hours

Vaccine injuries are not rare, no matter how much mainstream media and the pharmaceutical companies want to lead us to believe. What is rare, however, is when doctors fully admit when a vaccine injury occurs and they inform the mother her child was seriously injured as a result of vaccines. Amanda Mickelson found herself in this position when her daughter, Riley, suffered brain damage from the DTaP (Diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis) vaccine within 12 hours of injection. Except, Amanda was in disbelief and initial denial when the doctors concluded that the vaccine caused Riley’s brain damage.

There was no warning or indication of the danger. Twelve hours post vaccine injection, my daughter looked into my face as the life silently faded from her in an instant. The brain damage left her unresponsive and no longer breathing on her own. She turned an unmistakable shade of gray that will never be forgotten. An intensive care unit doctor informed us, that if I had not been looking right at our baby, she would have been dead within minutes. After she was breathing on her own again, the seizures took over her body. Doctors could do nothing to stop the progression of brain damage caused by vaccine ingredients. The brain damage had to subside naturally before knowing the extent of the injury and even then doctors told us the full extent of damage to the baby is never certain. In the intensive care unit, as she lay there, we were unable to hold her. The concluding diagnosis was brain damage from vaccine injury. However, I did not accept that diagnosis. I demanded they find another answer to the brain damage because I was the parent who gave consent. I was desperate to reject the guilt that accompanies consenting to a medical product that gambled the life of a child. I did not want to be the one at fault, unfortunately. I’m not the only parent who understands that banishment of guilt.

REGARDING VACCINE MANDATES: My husband is a soldier, but any child we create would not have the civil right to an education if these mandates pass. Siblings of vaccine-injured children are not protected by medical exemptions by personal exemptions alone. Legislators have stated intentions to further restrict the qualifications to these medical exemptions for children. Not extend protection for at-risk children. Have you ever thought about how to tell your child they live in a nation that strips them of an equal opportunity to their human rights based on their genetic inability to comply? Parents of the 40,000 Washington State schoolchildren with exemptions are shaken today attempting to prevent a reality where our government ignores the guarantee of education for all without discrimination!

via Stop Mandatory Vaccination DTaP Vaccine Causes Brain Damage in Ten Month Old After 12 Hours

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