In Trump Jr Emails He Agreed To Accept Help From Russia, As Per Mueller’s Definition Of Coordination Between Trump Campaign & Russia; Trump Tower Meeting Offered Confirmation Of Agreement & Intent

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Trump Jr emails, made public by Trump Jr himself, clearly show a willingness to work with Russia. He agreed to work with Russia with the goal of obtaining allegedly incriminating information about Hillary. And this was later followed through with action, by attending the notorious Trump Tower meeting with Russians, in summer of 2016.

In his emails, Trump Jr showed intent to conspire, agreement to conspire, followed by action taken with the objective in mind, by attending the Trump Tower meeting with a Russian lawyer and others. The Russian lawyer reportedly came together with a former Soviet counterintelligence officer, who is currently a Russian-American lobbyist.

Apart from a formal written agreement between Trump and Putin, it couldn’t be more clear.

In July of 2017, the Associate Dean of Cornell Law School, Jens David Ohlin stated regarding the Trump Jr email revelations: “It’s a shocking admission of a criminal…

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