Company Ordered to Pay Woman $459,000 Over Robocalls

Company Ordered to Pay Woman $459,000 Over Robocalls

A Tennessee woman has been awarded nearly half a million dollars after a furniture company illegally hounded her with hundreds of robocalls, sometimes more than 10 times per day, even after she asked them to no longer contact her, per court records.

Furniture chain Conn’s began contacting Veronica Davis in September of 2015, according to a court filing, about a month after she purchased furniture from its Memphis store that she was to pay off in monthly installments. Per her contract, payments for the furniture were due on the fifth day of each month, though the contract and a Conn’s representative informed her there was a 10-day grace period during which payments would not be considered late.

Despite this grace period, the company repeatedly spammed Davis between the day her payment was due and the end of the extension using an automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS). According to court records, Davis revoked her consent for the company to contact her in March 2017. But the company called her 306 additional times after she asked them not to, sometimes contacting her up to a dozen times a day, her attorney Frank Kerney told Gizmodo by phone.

via Gizmodo Company Ordered to Pay Woman $459,000 Over Robocalls

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