These Lawyers Are Creating An ALEC For Climate Change | CleanTechnica

These Lawyers Are Creating An ALEC For Climate Change | CleanTechnica

Michael Gerrard, director of the Sabin Center for Climate Change Law at Columbia University, and John Dernbach, director of the Environmental Law and Sustainability Center at Widener University, have published a 1,100-page compendium of policy ideas, and they are organizing lawyers across the United States to write laws based on the ideas laid out in the book — laws that can then be distributed, ALEC style, to local, state and federal lawmakers.

“It’s a smart strategy because the easier you make the adoption of these recommendations, the more likely they are to get adopted,” Dernbach said. “Michael and I and the people on this project are really deeply motivated by the urgency of the climate issue. Anything we can do that makes it easier for decision makers to adopt the recommendations in the book sooner rather than later is good.”

Dozens of lawyers from all over the country contributed to the book, which lists more than a thousand policies aimed at dramatically cutting carbon pollution in the United States. Authors propose resurrecting Obama-era climate protections, putting a price on carbon, cutting red tape tying up new wind and solar projects, along with numerous other measures related to agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, clean energy research, and carbon capture, as well as ways to ensure fossil fuel workers aren’t left behind in the shift to clean energy. While policymakers are the primary audience for the book, authors also included recommendations for businesses looking to tackle climate change.

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