UPS eyes in-home health services with U.S. vaccine project – Reuters

Here is how the test, slated to launch later this year, will operate: Workers in UPS’ 1.7 million-square-foot healthcare complex at Worldport will package and ship the vaccine to one of the more 4,700 franchised U.S. UPS stores. A home health nurse contracted by UPS’ clinical trial logistics unit known as Marken will collect the insulated package, transport it the “last mile” to the patient’s home and administer the vaccine, which will target a viral illness in adults.

The aim of the test is to “see if we can connect all these dots,” said Wes Wheeler, chief executive at Marken, which was purchased by UPS in 2016 and is overseeing the vaccine project.

Major insurers contacted by Reuters declined to say what they pay to have vaccines administered. But an analysis of 2010 MarketScan health claims data sheds some light on the subject – finding that the average cost of a shingles shot was $208.72 at a doctor’s office and $168.50 at a pharmacy. Flu shots cost less than $30 at both locations. The provider of that data declined to update it.

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