Entering Your Spiritual Adulthood

Entering Your Spiritual Adulthood

Most people are in their spiritual infancy phase. They don’t know what spirituality is, and for many people, they don’t even care. It’s much the same for a child with math, tying shoe laces, or dating. They don’t much matter. Children are impulsive and work off basic programming to get what they want. “I want food now.” “I want to be warm now.”  Adults in their spiritual infancy aren’t very much different. They’ve got a pile of thought structures and life patterns on top of the same immediate gratification triggers. “I want to get laid.” “I want to buy that.” And so forth. They aren’t owning their life in any way, and they can get easily manipulated by others because they have very narrow and self-involved perspectives. They may also manipulate others. They can feel like victims a lot or are always afraid of becoming the victim, which can make them very aggressive.

Fortunately, people always have doorways to open and to grow spiritually. These moments are always right here and right now if we know how to look at our lives and the many lessons we naturally attract. In the specific spiritual shift of spiritual awakening, a whole bunch of doorways and life lessons are flooding in. All these issues and old pains that we didn’t deal with kept us locked in childhood. Now the growing pains of spiritual maturation have arrived. It’s not a fun time period for many of us, although it can be immensely rewarding. Much like in our physical adolescence, everything becomes extremely awkward, and you feel really out of sorts. You kinda know where you’re going, but not really. Emotions get really activated. All in all, you don’t know who you are anymore.

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