Spiritual Adults, What Are They? – Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing

Spiritual Adults, What Are They? – Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing

In many shamanic cultures all adults journey and use various techniques to enter altered states and communicate with the spirit world. Most authors misinterpreted this fact, naively stating that all adults in these communities are shamans. However, the ability to enter altered states makes us human, not shamans. Humans are physiologically designed to enter altered states.

The adults in these shamanic cultures are different from us. The difference is that they are spiritual adults. Spiritual maturity demands that adults take responsibility to maintain an active, working relationship with spirit themselves. They do not look for an intermediary in gurus, priests, psychics, or therapists to do it for them.

Spiritual adults understand that living in balance is fundamental to maintaining a good working relationship with spirit. They notice signs that they are not seeing reality clearly. They take responsibility to do whatever it takes to return their inner state to balance. Spiritual adults live in loving appreciation of all life, including their own body. They enjoy people, community, and sex as ways that celebrate life and maintain health and well-being.

Spiritual adults take responsibility to communicate with the spirit world for assistance and inspiration. Spirit is solicited for input on all important decisions. Spiritual adults understand that a relationship with spirit is an interdependent, working relationship. They “feed” or give it energy to it to keep it strong.

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