The Stupid, it Blows

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Mike Mann in Newsweek:

Unlike President Trump’s inability to pronounce the word “origins,” his recurringanti-windbloviating isn’t a sign of mental decline. Sure, it isstupid and wrongto say the sound ofwind causes cancer(justwhois the “alarmist” by the way?) or reduces real estate values(it doesn’t.)But it’s also dangerous. This and other anti-science campaigns like the ones againstvaccinationsand evolution are not just silly ignorance. They’re weaponized stupidity.

Trump’s tirades aren’t reflective of any deeply held belief or well-informed opinion, but instead appear to be informed by, and in service of, Big Oil’s anti-wind propaganda. For decades fossil fuel companies have attacked clean and renewable competition, from working to block local wind power installations to fighting state policies promoting wind. Key to that effort is spreading myths about wind power’s potential as well as its progress, which our Fox News President predictably regurgitates.

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