Weather Channel: Storm Warnings for Climate Change

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

The Verge:

Tree-lined streets turn to rivers in the Charleston, South Carolina, of the future. Street lights hang suspended just feet from the water’s surface as a meteorologist perched on a rooftop explains that this is the view we might see in the year 2100 if climate change continues at its current pace.
The scene is from The Weather Channel’s latest mixed reality segment, which connects the flooding of tomorrow to the melting glaciers and sea level rise of today. It marks a slight deviation from its ongoing campaign to put its meteorologists in the middle ofvirtual but hyperrealisticextreme weatherevents.
Some of these have touched on climate change and its role inworsening the wildfiresthat scorch the West Coast every year orthe thinning ice coating the surface of lakes. But this is the first to focus entirely on the effects of climate change, according…

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