Disease Rates of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated Children

(Health Secrets) We can now reach a conclusion in the issue of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children.  A German study involving several thousands of children, including newborns up to those 19 years of age, has found that vaccinated children have up 5 times the rate of diseases and disorders compared to the same age group who has not been vaccinated.  This study confirms the results of earlier independent study surveys that produced similar conclusions in the vaccinated vs unvaccinated issue.

The study, which is still ongoing, was initiated by homeopath Andre Bachmair, and focuses on resolving the controversy surrounding the issue of vaccinated vs unvaccinated children, a controversy  that has gone on for years.  It has an American component that can be found on the Vaccine Injury Information website sourced below. There is a link on that website for parents of vaccinated children to participate in the study.  So far this survey has well over 11,000 respondents, mostly from the U.S. Other studies have surveyed smaller groups of families.

In 1992, a New Zealand group called the Immunization Awareness Society (IAS) surveyed 245 families with a total of 495 children. The children were divided with 226 vaccinated and 269 unvaccinated. Eighty-one families had both vaccinated and unvaccinated children. The differences were dramatic, with unvaccinated children showing far less incidence of common childhood ailments than vaccinated children (http://www.vaccineinjury.info/images/stories/ias1992study.pdf).

From a different survey in the South Island New Zealand city of Christchurch, among children born during or after 1977, none of the unvaccinated children had asthma events where nearly 25% of the vaccinated children were treated for asthma by age 10. (http://www.vaccineinjury.info/images/stories/ias1992study.pdf).

Many of the comments from non-vaccinating parents to VaccineInjury.info for the ongoing Bachmair survey mentioned vaccination danger and developing true immunity naturally were concerns (http://www.vaccineinjury.info).

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