Why Aren’t Mumps Outbreaks Considered “Epidemic” When There are Thousands More Cases of Mumps than Measles?

Why Aren’t Mumps Outbreaks Considered “Epidemic” When There are Thousands More Cases of Mumps than Measles?

What the MSM fails to tell you is that Merck, part of the Big Pharma vaccine cartel, has been in Federal Court since 2010 on fraud charges in conjunction with the mumps vaccine.[2]

You see, two Merck employees have assumed whistleblower status and accused Merck of falsifying MMR vaccine data to make the mumps part of the vaccine look much more efficacious than it really is.

If the claims against Merck are true, than you would expect a resurgence of mumps infection–and that is what has happened. Studies have consistently shown that mumps antibodies wane much quicker as compared to measles and rubella antibodies after MMR vaccination.[3]

Guess what? We have a major resurgence of mumps infections—IN FULLY VACCINATED PEOPLE! From January 1 to March 29, 2019, there have been 426 mumps infections reported to the CDC. In 2016-2017 there were nearly 12,000 cases reported.[4]

For comparison, in 2016-2017, there were 206 cases of measles reported to the CDC.[5]

The mumps outbreaks included schools, universities, athletic teams, church groups, workplaces, and large parties and events. And, nearly everyone involved has BEEN FULLY VACCINATED!

In 2015-2016 an outbreak of mumps occurred at the University of Iowa.[6] 301 cases were identified. Seven percent of the students had serious complications from mumps—and all WERE FULLY IMMUNIZED WITH AT LEAST 2 DOSES OF MMR VACCINE.

Five percent suffered with orchitis (painful swelling of the testicles that can result in sterilization). Three suffered with transient hearing loss, two of mastitis, and one from meningitis.

Can mumps cause serious problems? Of course it can. It is much more problematic when it occurs in older ages.

The reason we are now seeing mumps in young adults, instead of young children, is because of the failure of the mumps vaccine to provide long-term immunity. The mumps vaccine has limited efficacy and its effects wear off quickly. Therefore, the use of the mumps vaccine could be predicted to delay people becoming ill with mumps until adulthood.

That is exactly what we are experiencing.

Folks, the MMR vaccine should have never been approved. It was never properly tested against a placebo just like nearly every other vaccine on the market. There were concerns that combining three live virus vaccines (measles, mumps, and rubella) together might cause an increase in adverse effects. There are thousands of reports of adverse effects from the MMR vaccine.

Why anyone would think that combining three live virus vaccines together in one shot is safe is beyond me.

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