Clinical tips- A to Z Homoeopathy Remedies for Children –

After nursing child vomits its milk in curds & refuses to nurse afterwards & is very cross. Nausea & persistent vomiting as soon as the child eats or drinks – Ant-crud.

Anxiety while reading – Mag mur,Sepia.

Attractive children – Arsenicum-alb.

Aversion to write in children – Squilla maritima

Big abdomen, spindly legs – Abrot, Sulphur

Big belly due to bad digestion – Carbo-veg, Graphitis (constipated)

Big head – Baryta- carb , Calc-carb, Sulphur .

Big head, big abdomen – Baryta-carb, Calc-carb Lycopodium.

Big head, coarse hair, heavily built, red lips and ear – Sulphur.

Big head, spindly legs, biggish abdomen poorly developed chest, pale rough skin, sweats easily – Sulphur.

Bites nail – Amm-brom ,Arsenicum-alb ,Sanic ,Hyos

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