Trump Claimed Losses Of More Than $1 Billion From 1985-1994 – More Than Any Other US Taxpayer; Avoided Taxes For 8 Of 10 Years

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Trump on Wednesday belittled a report that he lost more than $1 billion as a New York real estate mogul between 1985 and 1994, claiming it was “sport” for developers to write off such losses to legally avoid paying federal taxes… Between 1985 and 1994, Donald Trump’s businesses lost more than $1 billion, allowing the future president to avoid paying federal taxes for eight of those 10 years, The New York Times reported Tuesday. Trump portrays himself as a successful self-made entrepreneur and master dealmaker. However, he lost more money year after year than any other U.S. taxpayer, according to the Times, which did not use the actual returns but instead used information provided by someone who has access to the returns ” (VOA News-Bredemeier)

From VOA News:
New York Times: Trump Lost More Than $1 Billion in 1980s and ’90s
May 07, 2019 9:53 PM UPDATE May…

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