Are dog vaccines making pets sick? |

Are dog vaccines making pets sick? |

Ron Schultz, a long-time researcher of canine vaccines, finds immunity of many diseases can last a dog’s lifetime, much like humans. He says vaccines are vitally important, but questions the need to vaccinate so often.

“It’s very disappointing to me to still have distemper, parvo and adno given every year when we know it provides a life of immunity,” said Schultz, an immunologist at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Wisconsin.

Schultz says you don’t want to vaccinate an immune animal because the vaccine may cause a hypersensitivity reaction. At the very least, he wants veterinarians to think twice about doing certain vaccines every year. Current guidelines recommend three-year intervals for rabies and other core vaccines for common diseases. Others, known as lifestyle vaccines, may need yearly updates.

“It is still a volatile debate because there’s so much fear involved and an awful lot of money involved,” said Barbara Royal, D.V.M., a veterinarian at Royal Treatment Veterinary Center.

Royal offers a blood test, called a titer, to measure a pet’s immunity. She says aside from the rabies vaccine, many of her clients no longer get inoculations past the first year. She claims they’re now healthier.

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