“Worst Criminality against Humankind” Report from Fukushima by Kazuhiko Kobayashi

“Worst Criminality against Humankind” Report from Fukushima by Kazuhiko Kobayashi

Three older women, who until 4 years ago(at the time of this interview) had their own traditional farmhouses and rice fields, are living now in the Huts. Their family members who lived with them are now widely scattered in different places. They have lost almost everything, that had given them the meaning of life.

Nevertheless, they said, “the people, (= who are responsible for the disaster) are not guilty, only earthquake and tsunami are guilty.”

They didn’t make the question: “why they built so many nuclear power plants and have been operating them in Japan, even though they must know by themselves that in an extremely earthquake-rich country like Japan, a big earthquake and tsunami can come at anytime” – Too naive, unwary nature without any critical eyes.

Where does this behavior come from? It comes from the traditional Japanese mentality, namely obedience and self-sacrifice of the lower, weaker, younger people in favor of the higher, more powerful or older people in the social hierarchy as well as permanent readyness of self-sacrifice for the interest of the communities. Again and again, this mentality of many unsuspecting Japanese citizens, such as these women, has always been exploited und abused by the rulers in Japan preferably.
But it is very important to know, that this Japanese people’s mentality has been created by the first Shogun Tokugawa-Ieyasu with his brain-washing of them to establish his powerful position over the hole Japanese territory as a monarch forever. He thought: the best way of establishing his power as monarch to keep the people under control is not by using the weapons but by using the mental instrument of brain-washing.

He built up a ruling network over the whole Japan during 17th century und sent his most loyal vassals as local district lord to every aeria of Japan and let them brainwash people into the absolute loyalty to the ruling system of Tokugawa-Monarch as the best and only virtue. He made a big success with this method and his Tokugawa-Dynasty kept its absolute control over Japan until 1867 for more than 260 years. Ofcourse
young Japanese people today are quite differing on some behaviors like a manner to older people or to their parents etc. However, most of Japanese people have still the main character of the typical Japanese mentality, namely to follow the people with more power, in higher social or job-related positions without any criticism or resistance, without thinking by themselves.

e.g. Radioactive contamination continues but…..

The japanese government is now planning to remove the monitoring posts from pref. Fukushima and to stop publishing radioactive measuring data.

e.g. Olympiad 2020 as a distraction instrument!

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