Warhawks In The US Push For War With Iran & Nobody Agrees With Them

Warhawks In The US Push For War With Iran & Nobody Agrees With Them

Republicans and Democrats lie to you when they tell you they care about our servicemen and women. If they really cared, they wouldn’t lead our young soldiers into evil profit-driven regime change wars. The media as a whole is also guilty of this as well. It doesn’t matter what side of the aisle you are watching talking heads from, both sides will be pushing for war. Both sides will tell you a sad story about a soldier who lost his leg or didn’t make it home, and in the next segment spew propaganda with a war drum strapped to their chest.

In order to understand what is happening with Iran right now, it’s important to grasp the history of the U.S. and Iran. Mohammad Mosaddegh was democratically elected Prime Minister of Iran in 1951. He ran on nationalizing Iran’s oil because at the time over 80% of the profits were siphoned to the British Monarchy. Shortly after Mohammad Mosaddegh gained control over Iran’s oil, a coup was launch by the British and the United States. The operations are known today as Operation Ajax carried out by the United States, and Operation Boot carried out by the United Kingdom. The United States installed a dictator in Mohammad Reza Shah who ruled over Iran in brutish fashion, torturing dissidents and killing any citizen suspected of “spying.”

The Shah’s dictatorship lasted until 1979 when the Iranian Revolution erupted and ousted the Shah from power. The Iranian people rejected Western democracy and Westernization; they were aware that the Shah was being propped up by the United States and Britain, and launched a revolution to effect change in their country. I want to be clear, the Iranian people overthrew a dictator that the United States put in power. The United States was not spreading democracy in Iran, they weren’t freeing them from their oppressors; they were, and still are, the oppressors.

Iran has no reason to trust the United States. Full stop. Aside from effecting regime change in Iran in the 1950s, and the United States spending the last 30 years destabilizing the Middle East, Iran just entered a nuclear deal with the United States that the U.S. failed to comply with and eventually pulled out of the deal. According to the IRNA, Iran did not break the deal with the United States and was complying fully. The United States broke the nuclear deal with Iran when they imposed sanctions on them which violated the treaty.

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