These Are the States That Passed ‘Heartbeat Bills’ | Fortune

These Are the States That Passed ‘Heartbeat Bills’ | Fortune

Louisiana became the next state likely to pass a “heartbeat bill” this week, aiming to ban abortion as soon as a “fetal heartbeat” is detected. This provision amounts to a near total ban on abortion, as such activity can be heard as early as six weeks—before many woman are even aware they’re pregnant.

The terms “heartbeat bill” and “fetal heartbeat” themselves are misnomers, phrases coined by conservative politicians to create the illusion of a child in need of protection, says Planned Parenthood, since a heart has yet to form at six weeks; the detected rhythm is electrical activity coming from a 4-millimeter-wide growth called the fetal pole.

Regardless of language, this type of regulation threatens the precedent set by Roe v. Wade in 1973, when the Supreme Court stated the decision to have an abortion cannot be regulated before roughly the end of the first trimester. Before this point, around 12 weeks, the court’s opinion states abortion “must be left to the medical judgment of the pregnant woman’s attending physician.”

via These Are the States That Passed ‘Heartbeat Bills’ | Fortune

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