JAMA Study: Flu Shots Are Killing Elderly Citizens In Record Numbers

JAMA Study: Flu Shots Are Killing Elderly Citizens In Record Numbers

According to data collected by the study, 60 percent of people aged 65-years and over have a massively increased risk of death if they receive the flu shot.

Sharyl Attkisson, former investigative journalist for CBS, says the study highlights how those vaccines may actually be killing lives rather than saving them.

Inquisitr.com reports: In her blog, Attkisson cites a buried JAMA study from almost a decade ago which showed that there was no improvement in mortality rates among senior citizens with a flu vaccine, even after greatly increased vaccination rates. The study “got little attention,” she says, “because the science came down on the wrong side.”

Whereas the researchers had set out to prove that the push for massive flu vaccination would save the world, the researchers were “astonished” to find that the data did not support their presupposition at all. The data actually shows that deaths increased, not decreased, among seniors following vaccination.

via NewsPunch JAMA Study: Flu Shots Are Killing Elderly Citizens In Record Numbers

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  1. Glyphosate residues are involved in vaccine production and contamination: consider the implications of the ‘legal’ ingredients, as listed in the Codex Alimentarius of the United Nations, which governs Pesticide Residues allowed in foods, feeds and animal products.

    Vaccines are grown within eggs, which are legally allowed five parts per million of Glyphosate residue. The primary countries where vaccines are produced, Brazil, India, and the USA, all use Glyphosate, & Roundup.

    Since Glyphosate is an artificial Amino Acid, it can fit into the growing proteins, mistakenly in place of one of the hundreds of Amino Acids that link all protein chains. Vaccine mutation may explain the random, but dangerous effects reported from inoculation; these reports have increased as the use of Glyphosate and Roundup have permeated crops.

    Please consider the implications to vaccine safety, and a simple solution: using organic ingredients to grow vaccines. Inoculations could be safer, if grown on organic materials!
    MonSAnto is stumbling, but vaccines’ mutations will drop them once and for all

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  2. Thanks for the excellent article. Here is the direct link to the original. Because of natural virus exposure, some groups are more naturally protected than others: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/fullarticle/486407

    The vaccines are admitted not very effective and people pretend that they are. Besides the profits, the vaccines are used instead of basic hygiene, and common sense (e.g avoiding large groups; sick people staying home). I believe that the hepatitis vaccines for low risk populations are given so that doctors-hospitals don’t have to use basic hygiene.

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