Article: WWII & Holocaust COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED Without Corporate USA Rearming Germany to Destroy the USSR | OpEdNews

Article: WWII & Holocaust COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED Without Corporate USA Rearming Germany to Destroy the USSR | OpEdNews

The Treaty of Versailles that ended the First World War forced reduction of the strength of the German army from 4,500,000 in 1918 to 100,000. Its navy was not to exceed 15,000 men, including manning for the fleet, coast defenses, signal stations, administration, and other land services. Heavy weapons armored vehicles, submarines and capital ships were forbidden, as were aircraft of any kind. Compliance with these restrictions was monitored until 1927 by the Military Inter-Allied Commission of Control.

1918 to 1929 was a already a time of low economic growth and mass unemployment. The Wall Street Crash during the autumn of 1929 had grave consequences for Germany. German unemployment brought suffering to 20 million people.All over Germany there were people desperate for money needed to feed, clothe and house their families. Many of the homeless were camping out in the parks of Berlin.

There is simply no way an impoverished and utterly demilitarized Nazi Germany, with no air force, a tiny navy, no armored vehicles, no heavy weapons and a small army, could have on its own, built its armed forces up to the most powerful military in the world during the first six years of Hitler’s rule without the colossal and crucial investments in, and joint venturing by, top US corporations in low wage Nazi Germany – in outright evasion of the Versailles Treaty prohibition of German rearmament. There is no way Hitler could have begun a world war and a multi-nation Holocaust when he did without the mega enormous financial and technical help he received from the United States of America. England and France also cooperated, especially in agreeing to allow the abandonment of the prohibitions on German rearmament. Western media defended the building up of Nazi Germany’s military as only a ‘bulwark’ against the Soviet Union.

Regarding a depression so great that it threatened the status quo and required fascism and war, one need not read Marx to understand private capital will withdraw when profitability is too low to sustain the privileges and power of the ruling upper class. America’s great independent economist Thorstein Veblen assumed depression to be “the normal condition in a business-enterprise economy, to be relieved in periods of excitation caused by stimuli not intrinsic to the system, for example, war, expansion abroad, etc.”[from The Theory of the Leisure Class by Thorstein Veblen]

Hitler had emphasized Germany’s need for ‘Lebensraum’ (‘living space’), insisting Germany’s 19th century motto ‘Drang Nach Osten’ (‘push to the East,’ a slogan designating German expansion into Slavic lands), must become a reality. All this was strikingly proclaimed by Hitler in his book Mein Kampf, [1] which by 1939 had sold 5.2 million copies in eleven languages. [Britannica]

via Article: WWII & Holocaust COULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED Without Corporate USA Rearming Germany to Destroy the USSR | OpEdNews

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