In India, “Horrid” Heat Wave

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

A stunning heat event in Asia that most Americans know nothing about.

I interviewed veteran Journalist Keith Schneider last summer after he had just returned from an extended visit to Asia, and India.

Washington Post:

NEW DELHI —When the temperature topped 120 degrees (49 Celsius), residents of the northern Indian city of Churu stoppedgoing outsideand authorities started hosing down the baking streets with water.

Churu — home to more than 100,000 people — has been the hottest place in India in recent days, part of a summer heat wave suffocating most of the country as temperatures rise above normal even for this sweltering time of year.

According toweather website El Doradoon Wednesday, five of the hottest 15 places on the planet over the previous 24 hours were in India or neighboring Pakistan. In Churu, the mercury hit 118 degrees, down from 122 degrees on Monday. That…

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