Natural Supports

There are so many supports in place to help you navigate changing energies. The sun will cleanse, heal, and nourish you. Salt is a wonderful cleansing element both for your body (submerge your body in salt water) and for your living space (sprinkle around your space and vacuum up and dispose after you intuitively feel it has done its job). The earth will ground and balance you.

The synergistic relationship between you and the natural elements around you has always been in place in order to assure your success. Embracing the supports that are there to serve you moves you through your own evolution with much greater comfort and ease. Sometimes the simplest methods are the most effective, and taking advantage of the loving support your environment wishes to provide you is actively choosing to be a wise and willing part of the whole. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

via Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 4, 2019

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