Everyone always gets exactly what they need for evolution sake

Dear Ones, you are always, always being provided with exactly what you need for your expansion and evolution. If there is something you need to experience and someone else is not ready or willing to have that experience with you, another will come in to serve your growth.

You can rest assured if another is resistant to evolution it will never stall your own enlightenment journey. Their free will is always respected and supported, as is yours, and the universe will shift to provide you new circumstances that allow you to continue your own growth and expansion.

Do you see? Everyone is honoured in whatever choices they make, in a beautiful flow of love and support that is always shifting to meet everyone’s needs. Your desire for your own evolution is always heard and supported and can never be derailed by another’s lack of participation.

Sometimes souls will decide to break apart for a time to learn individually and then reconnect in the future.  In fact, there are times when that is the only way the next phase of growth can occur for one or both of the people. Again, this is part of the beautiful dance of the universe – souls lovingly moving together and moving apart, all depending on what is for the highest good of everyone involved. From this perspective you can see that love and expansion is at the heart of it all. ~Archangel Gabriel through Shelley Young

via Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 11, 2019

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