First Genetically Engineered ‘Frankenfish’ Now in US

First Genetically Engineered ‘Frankenfish’ Now in US

This is the first time a genetically modified food animal will be raised and sold in the United States. A company spokesperson said AquaBounty hopes to begin harvesting by late 2020, according to United Press International.

The salmon contain a spliced-in growth hormone gene that makes them grow up to five times faster, reaching market size in about 18 months instead of three years. It’s an experiment that poses a significant threat to the environment and natural fish stocks, according to a Purdue University computer model that tracked the effects of releasing just 60 “Frankenfish” into a population of 60,000. The model found there was a complete extinction of the normal fish in just 40 fish generations.

Other oddities with the “Frankenfish” studies that were pooh-poohed by the FDA include one that showed that when there was insufficient food, the “Frankenfish” went berserk, became cannibals and began attacking and killing the other fish — both GE and natural.

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