What needs attention?

Move out of troubleshooting mode with yourselves. If there is something that needs your love and attention, it will come up of its own accord. It is a wonderful practice to end your day acknowledging the good you did. How were you the love?

Perhaps you reached out with care to a friend. Maybe you watered or planted flowers to tend to the earth. It could be you fed and cared for animals. Did you meditate or do healing? That not only served you, but the whole, as well. Maybe you got out of bed and faced the day and that was more than enough.

Ending the day celebrating your successes, no matter how small, is an act of gratitude for yourself. It anchors the expression of your beingness and acknowledges your innate goodness. It allows you to start to see yourself from a much more balanced space of inclusion and acknowledgement, and that will serve you far better than your negative self talk ever can. It is our greatest desire that you will start to see yourselves with the same wonder and love as we do. ~Archangel Gabriel though Shelley Young

via Trinity Esoterics | Daily Message ~ Tuesday June 25, 2019