Dr David Brownstein, M.D. – Toxic Polysorbate 80 Found in Most Vaccines

Dr David Brownstein, M.D. – Toxic Polysorbate 80 Found in Most Vaccines

This may explain why nearly 25% of those in the Repatha study—in BOTH the treatment and ‘placebo’ groups which both had polysorbate in them–suffered a “serious” adverse event.

In the case of vaccines, there should be studies that prove that polysorbate 80 is safe to inject.

There are not. In fact, there are studies that show problems with injectable polysorbate (see part I of this series).

If I am wrong here and it is not polysorbate then there is something else in both the Repatha group and the placebo group causing 25% to suffer from a serious adverse effect.

To those that criticize me as an anti-vaxxer, please show me a study (there should be numerous studies) that proves polysorbate is safe to be injected.

Big Pharma is using us as a great experiment. So far, the experiment is not going well. Our kids are sicker than ever. It is time for the pro-vaxxers out there to stop parroting the vaccines are safe mantra when they have not been properly studied for safety.

Vaccines are safe? Repatha is safe? There is no difference between the Repatha and the placebo groups in regards to adverse events? Somebody, show me the studies.

How do you make those claims when the appropriate safety studies have NOT BEEN DONE!  Cholesterol lowering medications and vaccines are safe? Let me answer that with a quote from Clara in the old Wendy’s ads: “Where’s the beef?”

~ Dr B

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