US Senators Raise Alarm at Cost, Political Campaign (Illegal) Nature, & Lack of Transparency of Trump’s 4th of July Bash with an est. $92 Million Price Tag; $2.5 Million Already Robbed from National Parks for Event

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It is unacceptable that the Interior Department is failing to inform Congress about how it plans to spend taxpayer money to fund the president’s lavish July 4th plans, which reportedly include special access to the National Mall for the politically connected. The American people deserve to know how much of their money the president is spending to turn their July 4th celebration into a de facto campaign rally.” (US Senator Udall, July 2, 2019)

243 years after my ancestors declared their independence from Britain, we are stuck with the wanna-be monarch child of a British woman. This is the legacy of a long fxcked up immigration system. Why was she even allowed to immigrate in 1930 after the 1929 stock market crash, when so many Americans had lost everything!?

According to the Washington Post, almost $2.5 million was already taken from National Park Service funds for this event. Last year Trump…

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