AP analysis: Legal pot for all takes a toll on medical users

AP analysis: Legal pot for all takes a toll on medical users

States see a “massive exodus” of medical patients when they legalize marijuana for all adults — and then, in many cases, the remaining ones struggle, said David Mangone, director of government affairs for Americans for Safe Access.

“Some of the products that these patients have relied on for consistency — and have used over and over for years — are disappearing off the shelves to market products that have a wider appeal,” he said.

Cost also rises, a problem that’s compounded because many of those who stay in medical programs are low-income and rely on Social Security disability, he said.


In Oregon, where the medical program shrank the most following recreational legalization, nearly two-thirds of patients gave up their medical cards, the AP found. As patients exited, the market followed: The number of medical-only retail shops fell from 400 to two, and hundreds of growers who contracted with individual patients to grow specific strains walked away.

via AP analysis: Legal pot for all takes a toll on medical users

Legalization of marijuana is actually designed and being implemented to kneecap medical marijuana, thus forcing all natural ‘patients’ to move back into the clutches of Big Pharma and patent expensive drugs, radiation, surgery.

The monopoly will not let go that easily.

Legalization of marijuana is a cover story for limiting access to tiny amounts that cost a ton of money, so no medical marijuana patient has any access to natural medical marijuana when it comes down to it, because it is just too hard, too difficult or illegal.