Trump’s Waffle SS fail their immigration raids

The knock from the ICE Agents may still come. This may be a calm before the storm. It is important people remain aware and know their rights.

Just because you are a citizen do not assume they will not come knocking for you. ICE OFTEN arrest permanent citizens of the US “by mistake”. It has taken 4 years for cases to be sorted. In the meantime you are losing your home because you are imprisoned.

The cruelty of the punishment, citizen or not, is the point. Between 2012 and 2018 ICE wrongly arrested 1480 citizens. ICE will not be any better now.

Know where your papers & passports are. Know the number of or how to contact an immigration lawyer. Know the number of a friend or family member who can help you, know where they are likely to take you. Can your friend or family member find your papers if needs be?

If you have a Latin American heritage it would be prudent to assume that yes indeed they are coming for you, citizen or not, so know where your passport & papers are.

America under Trump has become a “Papers Please” County.

via DailyKos Trump’s Waffle SS fail their immigration raids

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