Biggest Loser in Democratic Presidential Debates: CNN

Nel's New Day

The Democrats have finished with the second round of presidential debates, two nights with 20 candidates. Eric Swalwell is gone, and Steve Bullock has arrived.

CNN framed the debates as a Trumpian reality show with loaded questions that baited participants into CNN’s perception of good television watching. The approach appeared to be more suitable for the Fox network than for the one which Dictator Donald Trump (DDT) despises. Moderators began with attacks on progressive health care that led to promoting Delaney’s attacks on Sanders and Warren with the premise that people would pay more and lose their private insurance—the Republican talking point. John Delaney, who has a net worth of $65 million from the health care industry, was rewarded with extra opportunities to give his GOP policies such as criticism for “free stuff for everyone.” No questions addressed the excessively high drug prices, and none asked about “out of pocket…

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