QAnon: How I got sucked into its alternative universe.

QAnon: How I got sucked into its alternative universe.

What makes QAnon a little a different, and little bit scarier, than many of the conspiracy theories Americans have latched onto through the decades, is that it’s fundamentally authoritarian (like Joseph McCarthy’s raving about communist infiltration of the government, but more surreal). QAnon believers aren’t fearfully scouting for black helicopters. They’re waiting for the sitting president to deliver their country from evil by rounding up his political opposition. Adherents have taken to jubilantly counting up the sealed indictments federal authorities have filed lately because they see them as a sign that a mass wave of arrests is coming. At Trump’s Wednesday night rally in Tampa, Florida, a shocking number of attendees showed up with QAnon T-shirts and signs. These people are all but asking for a strongman to seize control of the country—which is the thought I shared on Twitter:

The frightening thing about QAnon isn’t that a bunch of Americans believe in a looney conspiracy theory (what else is new).

It’s that they’re waiting for Donald Trump to arrest his entire political opposition.

These people are ready for military rule.

— Jordan Weissmann (@JHWeissmann) August 1, 2018

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