How PragerU Is Winning The Right-Wing Culture War Without Donald Trump

How PragerU Is Winning The Right-Wing Culture War Without Donald Trump

Much of Prager’s early funding came from the fracking billionaire Wilks brothers, early Ted Cruz donors who sat out of the 2016 general election. In addition to running their own church, the Assembly of Yahweh — where one of the brothers is a pastor who preaches that the Bible is historically and scientifically accurate — the Wilks brothers own the conservative website the Daily Wire and are reported to be considering a bid for Glenn Beck’s the Blaze. Two members of the Wilks family sit on the PragerU board.

The site started slowly, as a handful of videos released at random intervals. But the funding model allowed Prager and Estrin to build out a library and grow gradually without pressure from investors or shareholders. In April 2011, they hired Marissa Streit, an Israeli-American former Jewish day school principal, to run the organization.

Streit, who served in an intelligence unit the Israel Defense Forces, helped build the structure the site still uses today, even as the organization, based in the San Fernando Valley, has grown to more than 20 employees. A production committee consisting of Prager, Estrin, Streit, and head of marketing Craig Strazzeri decides which topics need to be PragerU videos. For a video to get produced, Streit said, the committee has to consider the subject matter evergreen: It has to be worthy of a place in the Americanism curriculum. In 2017, those topics included school choice (it saved the presenter’s life), the Paris Climate Agreement (presented by the famous climate change dissenter Bjorn Lomborg), the Southern Poverty Law Center (“The Anti-Hate Group That Is a Hate Group”), and fascism (according to Dinesh D’Souza, it’s a phenomenon of the left). As well as something very Trumpian: an argument to build the wall.

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