America’s Fascist Paramilitaries Are Rising | OpEdNews

America’s Fascist Paramilitaries Are Rising | OpEdNews

In a fascist shift, the state always forms paramilitary groups so that political violence can be carried out without the government being held accountable for it. It’s predictable that when this process started to happen in America, our version of Hitler’s Brownshirts and Mussolini’s Blackshirts would originate from America’s instruments of imperialism.

An example: With the rise of Blackwater during the War on Terror, the Bush administration gained a private mercenary company that came to function as a paramilitary group. Blackwater’s contractors carried out acts of unprovoked violence against innocent people that American troops wouldn’t have been able to commit without intense scrutiny being put upon the U.S. government itself. This violence hasn’t ended. Blackwater’s operators have been able to continue their company under different names since its crimes were exposed. Their victims have extended not just to the foreign battlefields of American imperialism, but to the crisis zones in America that capitalism has created; Blackwater’s forces patrolled the streets of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, and there’s evidence that they engaged in aggressive violence against the city’s population.

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