Iowans not Buying Trump’s Wind Turbine/Cancer Connection

Climate Denial Crock of the Week

Iowans know wind power.

The state has a higher percentage of it’s electricity coming from wind than any other state. (although some are close..)
Real world results tell us: The more you know about renewables, the better you like them.

Time Magazine:

Since the early days of his administration, Donald Trump has sought to use his presidency to slow the country’s transition to clean energy, blocking key environmental regulations and lending his support to the fossil fuel industry whenever he can. 
But his distaste for wind power has been particularly strong. He’s frequently called wind turbines “ugly” and dismissed them as a blight on local communities. In April he said that “the noise” from the turbines “causes cancer,” a false claim dismissed by the American Cancer Society.

In Iowa, a key presidential state where the wind industry is thriving, only 1% of registered voters agree with Trump that wind…

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